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A Chapter Closed and A New One Opened

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The Chapter that is Closed

I was introduced to Stampin’ Up, paper crafting and stamping about eight years ago. I was home with my young children, trying to find an escape (sometimes literally) from the demands of being a mom. In 2011, I decided to sell Stampin’ Up and do in-home workshops as a way to be creative and have something of my own. I started creating YouTube videos, participating in challenges online and doing lots of blogging.

The paper crafting really fulfilled the architect side of me, while the artist and crafter got to play. I was able to stay home with my kids and work on my crafting blog from home. Over time though, as my “hobby” job tried so hard to make money, it just didn’t succeed. I knew I wanted to contribute to our income, help to pay for a new car or a vacation that wasn’t visiting family. As last December (2015) approached and I resigned with Stampin’ Up, I knew there was a major move on our horizon. Not necessarily with regard to my crafting or career, but we were headed to Washington, D.C. by summer.

The Transitional Space, Literally

We were going on a temporary assignment to Washington, D.C. for 12-18 months. In July we packed up half of our house and moved to an apartment in Arlington, VA (just outside DC). What I experienced during the first few months in Arlington was what I thought, at first, was the feeling of loss (friends, home, career). But after letting the dust settle, I realized it was space.

Space I needed to reflect, to be still, to be alone, to process. I accepted it and welcomed it.

In October my middle child turned 10, and it hit me. I had resigned from my last full-time architectural job when I was on maternity leave with her. I had always wanted to be an architect, and quite literally, the moment I accomplished that goal – I resigned. I don’t regret one moment at home with my children, however, I realized now have the space to pursue my dream. My children are now 8, 10 and 13 and by no means ready to go out into the world alone (ha ha). But they are ready for their mom to pursue being an architect.

My New Chapter

The past few months I have been working on starting up my architectural practice. It has been so refreshing to curiously seek out the new direction my career will take. I have been learning about all the new technologies in building design, and green construction. I love the idea of conscience design, that is respectful of the environment and purposeful. I honestly don’t know where this will take me, but I am open to finding out.

The reason I am starting my own business is so I never have to choose between my children and the “office”.  I acknowledge that as the mom I will always have the first call from school when someone is sick, and will always be in charge of meal planning, and everything else that a mom does.

If you would like to follow my new journey, I have converted my Facebook page and Instagram profile to Amy Kunkle Creative. This probably isn’t my “final” business name, but it is enough to get started. I also have a new website that has the beginnings of what I hope this new career will be. You can find that at  but I will also keep this website live for those paper crafters that stumble onto it. It is a valuable resource and the culmination of my five years in the paper crafting world. :)

Thank You

Thanks for those of you who have followed me over the years! If you ever think about building your dream home, remodeling your current house, or adding that art studio you’ve always wanted – give me a call. I would love to explore a project with you!

Much love and Namaste,


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