Day One Coloring Challenge with The Daily Marker

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I met Kathy Racoosin at CHA this January, and she was super sweet and personable! I told her I was super excited to join in the next 30 day Coloring Challenge over on her blog: The Daily Marker! The challenge starts today, and you just have to do some coloring each day. Easy peasy!

I’m going to commit to coloring each day, but I’ll probably only post my coloring projects on Mondays during the month. Many of you know I’m going to Thailand this  month, so it won’t be a daily post here.  I will lose a day, literally, crossing the international date line to/from Thailand. I think that’s pretty cool, actually, and I will get to fly over the North Pole.

Here’s what I decided to color today:


I have this journal I got around Christmas time and it’s going to be my travel journal for 2016. I decided I needed to start adding color and images because it just has some pages of quotes and verses right now.   You can see the thought behind this journal and it’s beginnings here. It’s a work in progress, I don’t love the cover, but wanted to start with something.

I decided my Wildflowers were lotus flowers, so I colored the closed ones green and the open ones yellow.

It’s not perfect, because I’m not perfect and I’m trying to cut down on wasting paper/time/energy to redo projects until they are perfect. It’s real. I hope real is ok. :-)


Thanks for stopping by today! I hope you join along in the 30 day challenge over at The Daily Marker. :)


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