Getting to Know Julie Daniel

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Julie Daniel is an interior designer who works primarily in E-Design. We talk about her online business doing E-Design. I hope you enjoy getting to know Julie, here’s the episode:

Getting to know Julie:

Julie does contract work for two companies (links below) and has her own website for her E-Design.


Julie works with clients virtually, designing rooms and laying out spaces. Some of the steps in her work are creating “mood boards” which are graphic representations of what people want for their space. Here’s a sample:


Then after working through the design concept and space planning, she provides a design, and shopping list for the client.

Things we discuss in the podcast interview:

We talk about her virtual life, how she’s headed to another city to work without any interruption in her work.

We chat about setting boundaries and setting aside vacation and down time for yourself.

Logistics of working with her, or another e-designer.

How to hire her, where to start with interior design in your own home.

A designer can help you figure out where to spend your money, if you’re on a limited budget, what your priority purchases should be.

“A designer can help you to cut costs or figure out where to splurge.” Julie Daniel, ASID, LEED AP

Links from the episode: for information about pursuing this field.

House Beautiful Magazine and for inspiration.

Laurel and Wolf


L’Abri Interiors (Julie’s Site)

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Thanks for listening, hope you enjoyed the interview!


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