Getting to Know Katie Lee

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Katie Lee is an author and speaker, and daily lifestyle designer.  She shows us how we can all do our daily lives in a way that is more supportive of who we are trying to be and where we’re trying to go. Here’s the interview: link

Katie’s back story

Her background started in her childhood, starting as an organizer as a kid. She loved the systems in life and learning about human behavior. She has a business degree with a minor in marketing. She lives in Minnesota with her husband and dog.


On the podcast we discuss:

How she wrote her book, giving herself a ten month deadline

Her focus with a woman, balancing it all! (lol) and being go-getters

Her strategy begins with the basics of everyday life: Eating, Sleeping and Exercising

Her coaching program – and who it’s for

What it’s like to work with her – focus on your whole like (business and personal)

Making decisions that you want to make, in a row, will get you to accomplish your goals

“Your everyday life is your whole life.” Katie Lee


Starting Monday, January 9th join in her video series called Breaking Free From Busy

Katie encourages you to just start putting yourself out there. You can fall into the trap of working behind the scenes on your craft – but never launch into the world.

Katie’s creativity hack: Just create something! Don’t make the creative process so precious, just flex your creativity muscle without worry about the end result.

Links we talk about:


Breaking Free From Busy

Thanks for being here! Make sure to stop over and say hi to Katie at http://heykatielee.com/


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