Getting to Know Kristen Ley

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Kristen is the owner and founder of Thimblepress, a lifestyle brand that creates fun, colorful products. Secretly I wish I could design products and be a product manufacturer, ha ha! I have to say, Kristen’s story is very encouraging and inspiring whether you want to do that very thing, or just paint a painting for your kitchen.  She really uses her gift of encouragement to create products that made people happy. :)

One of my favorite products that I’ll be using on New Year’s Eve, from Thimblepress is her line of  Push-Pop Confetti:


We get into the design of the Push-Pop Confetti (hand-cutting the confetti early on in business) and many other products online and in downtown Jackson, Mississippi.  I had a great conversation with Kristen, listen to the podcast here: {link}

Her studio and warehouse:

The downtown showroom, office and warehouse in a historic location: (I love the brick and wood feel!)





If you’re in the Jackson, Mississippi area, stop into their new pop-up shop in Highland Village (also Jacksonville).

In this episode we talk about:

Starting her business out of her garage and bedroom

How she went from selling on Etsy to selling wholesale in one year

How she got into Paper Source and other stores

Tips for remembering people you meet at craft shows

How she creates the confetti in her Push-Pops (and hand-cutting the tissue paper for her first 100)

Tips for collaboration to grow your business *links below to her collaborations

How creating a product that fills a need for someone, and how that also creates a “story” for your product

There were so many take-aways from this episode, I had to stop writing them down here and start making sticky notes for myself! You’ll have to listen to this one twice!

“Figure out your target market… If you’re for everybody, you’re for no one.” Kristen Ley, Thimblepress

Links to some products:

State Flower Series, cards with the state flower inside the shape of the state:


Day Dreamer Journal: 39-day

THROW Collab:



Speak Wines Collab:


Skillshare Courses on Etsy selling

Megan Auman Wholesale course

Tradeshow bootcamp

Thanks for being here! Hope you have a great New Year’s Eve, and happy 2017!


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