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Getting to Know Laura Bray

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Today’s creative chat (aka podcast) is with Laura Bray. She’s an entrepreneur, artist, wife and mother. She blogs and writes ebooks, shares business advice, craft tutorials, recipes and tips for living with intention. I hope you enjoy getting to know Laura!


How I met Laura:

I first met Laura at the Craft and Hobby Association Mega Show in January. She was talking at the round table discussion about creating a newsletter and a list for your creative business. She has experience in the coaching

We talked about how she brought her career from crafter to illustrator and designer.

Laura has been on the design team for Faber Castell:

Laura Bray Designer for Faber Castell

She’s also been a designer for Kunin Felt:

Laura Bray Designer for Kunin

You can purchase Laura’s designs from Spoonflower, as seen here:

Laura Bray Garden Shadows Fabric

Quote from the episode:

“Artists aren’t starving because there are too few ways to make money, it’s because there are too many ways to make money.” Laura Bray

“It’s the journey, not the destination where you’re going to get the most mental and emotional benefits of creativity.” Laura Bray

Listen to the Podcast:

Show Notes:

We talk about…

How she used the book the Artist’s Way to spur her on to fulfill her destiny an artist

What she thought about being a maker (making products to sell)

Aligning your products (craft supplies) with your professional goals

Refining her creative career to do what she loves and what aligns with her life

Using print on demand services to stretch your products to other sources

Ways to test your designs before investing a lot of money in manufacturing

Laura’s website/blog

The link for signing up for Laura’s newsletter  

Spoonflower Shop

Books we mention: The Artists Way and Creative Confidence.

Thanks so much for listening! Make sure to say hi to Laura on her blog and social media. :) Have a beYOUtiful day!


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