Getting to know Lydia Fiedler

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Today on the podcast I’m interviewing Lydia Fiedler, blogger at and Community Manager at

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We talk about her journey, about her crafty space and how she transformed it from chaos to clutter-free with the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

She is a card maker, here is some of her recent work with Clarity Stamp stencils and brushes:

Stencil Brush Cards 021 slide copy


Clarity Stamps Stencil Brushes


A fun project she did, we talked about in her episode:


Great quotes from the episodes:

“In this type of community, you build real experts and real curators of knowledge, and the knowledge base is so big and so deep- the wealth of information you can get in an environment like that is invaluable. And it’s free”

In response to questions about getting followers on your blog: Lydia’s 10-1 rule- “For every one comment you get, leave comments for 10 other people. It’s how communities survive.”


I’m paraphrasing here, but we were discussing all the free content available online and why we should pay for some of it : The free content mentality has hurt our industry, and I’d like to see people get paid for the valuable content they produce.


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  1. Julie Curtis

    I love the interview thank you so much! and these before and after pictures are fabulous! I love seeing where everyone creates. Hugz

    1. Author

      Thanks Julie! Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for taking time to let me know!

  2. Dawn@Petals.Paper.SimpleThymes

    So wonderful to hear more of your story, Lydia! I’m always so excited to see a new post on your blog. You are the best storyteller!! Your beautiful cards and the great techniques you share feel like the dessert after each story!

    Thank you for introducing us to Amy’s blog today! I’m looking forward to exploring here and listening to all of the podcasts! Warm hugs! ♡

  3. Jennifer Spiller

    This was a fabulous podcast! I just adore Lydia! And now I have found you, Amy! I am looking forward to getting to know you through future podcast and your sight

  4. LesLee Stone-Rasmus

    Lydia is one of my favorite people to follow for inspiration. Matter of fact after I watched her video of her remodel I went through the same process. Now my crafting space is SIMPLIFIED … no more multiple of things.. and I can find things. THANKS LYDIA. This was an awesome interview I will be checking back here more often

    1. Author

      Thanks LesLee~ so glad you liked the interview and welcome to {crazy} beYOUtiful Studio, too!

  5. Kim Hadad

    Amy, thank you for this wonderful and refreshing interview! Lydia has such a way of speaking for so many of us through her life stories! I love reading her blog and saying to myself (and sometimes out loud with a puzzled look from my husband) “I can so relate”! I lOVE your stories Lydia! I always enjoy your blog posts and almost always get a chuckle. Even when you are remembering a lost one because you always seems to find a funny or joyful memory of a person and have a wonderful way of communicating it.

    1. Author

      Hey Kim! So glad you liked it and enjoyed hearing Lydia’s chat! :)

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