Organizing Your Memory Keeping Stuff and Photos

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I try not to swear (as I called it growing up in the Midwest) but I was really tempted to substitute another “S” word in my title – and I’ll tell you why. Keeping the stuff aka memorabilia, keepsakes, awards, grades and reports from school, etc. – the list goes on – can become overwhelming. Especially when you get behind in your scrapbooking or memory keeping.

For those of us that have kids, the moment they hit their senior year is when you try to make up the lost time. For others, it’s the piles of stuff and the files of photos that get unmanageable. So, you can hear on my podcast last Friday (and the blog last week) that I am working to move the needle forward each week on my scrapbooking.


My ultimate goal: Don’t get to Senior Year with all the memorabilia in boxes. What’s yours?


So, here’s what I’m doing this week to move the needle forward.

1) Getting organized

I have files based on the month/year. Depending on the amount of stuff I keep, I make the file larger. Here’s a picture of it:


I went through all the stuff that needed filing  (aka was in a pile somewhere) and I finished making folders in my file box for it. I also took over a whole drawer in the office filing cabinet because we aren’t accumulating as many statements from credit card companies, etc. and I had the room there. So now I have two {full} filing cabinet drawers full of my 2007-current stuff.

I also keep my calendars in there from each year. Why??  My memory isn’t great NOW, so writing as much down as I can HELPS. The events, vacations and such, are all on the family calendar so having it can help remind me of dates and events.


I am having Jennifer from Simple Scrapper on the podcast this month so I’ve been cleaning up my scrabooking. LOL. I wanted to tell you about their FREE Photo organization challenge because it’s where I’m headed next. Join it here. I’ll be right there with you!

2) Computer Photo storage –  next week…

I hope you are finding this helpful, I would like to keep Wednesdays as a day I can share about my memory keeping journey with you. Here’s last week’s post so you can catch up!


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